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Travel Insurance

When it comes to conducting business across borders, International Health and Speciality Risks (Pty) Ltd. recognises the varying risks, opportunities, and challenges you may face. Our role as an insurance broker is to provide you with access to comprehensive travel insurance coverage options and offer valuable advice. We understand that different destinations present unique risks, and we partner with global emergency specialists to help you mitigate those risks, protect your reputation, and ensure the safety of your workforce, regardless of the situation or location. With International Health an Speciality Risks (Pty) Ltd., you can have peace of mind knowing that your employees are well-protected during their travels.

Business Travel Insurance provides coverage for employees travelling for business purposes. Whether for manual labour-related activities or board meetings, we can assist with travel insurance that ensures your employees are adequately protected while travelling, allowing them to focus on their work with peace of mind. Products are available for both individual business travellers and corporate travellers. 

How Does Business Travel Insurance Protect Your Employees? 

Business travellers can protect themselves against unforeseen costs such as hospital bills in foreign currencies, expenses incurred due to trip cancellation, lost luggage, and delayed flights with travel insurance. 

We offer different travel insurance options for companies with employees travelling internationally or locally for short and extended trips. Our business travel products include essential benefits such as emergency medical and related expenses, hospitalisation cover for pre-existing illnesses, and cover for lost or stolen luggage. 

What if an unexpected event forces you to cancel or postpone your trip due to illness or an accident?  

What if you incur expenses due to cancellation or early trip termination?  

Or worse, what if you get hospitalised in a foreign country during your trip and need someone to handle your business affairs?  

Our business travel policies provide comprehensive coverage for all these scenarios, giving you complete peace of mind while you travel. 

Medical Emergencies: 

Travel insurance is crucial for covering medical emergencies while travelling. It ensures that travellers receive necessary medical care in case of an illness or injury while abroad. The coverage includes expenses such as hospital stays, doctor’s fees, medications, and even emergency medical evacuation for serious conditions. 

Emergency Assistance: 

Travel insurance often includes access to 24/7 emergency assistance services. These services assist employees in navigating unfamiliar situations, locating medical facilities, and arranging alternative travel arrangements, offering peace of mind during stressful times.  

Choose a product that best suits your business travel needs:

Travel insurance offers coverage against various travel risks, including medical emergencies, trip cancellation, curtailment, loss of luggage, accidental death and disability, and personal liability. With travel insurance, you can enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind. Although you pay for your insurance in the local currency, any medical expenses incurred will be covered in foreign currency.  

NB – Always read your policy wording to see what is and is not covered, and feel free to contact us should you require further information or assistance.  

Leisure Travel Insurance Products Available: 

  • Comprehensive Travel – for travellers up to the age of 69 years with pre-existing conditions. 
  • Standard Travel – for travellers up to the age of 69 years with no pre-existing conditions.  
  • Senior Travel – for travellers up to the age of 85 years. 
  • Youth Travel – for travellers up to the age of 28 years. 
  • Local Travel – within the borders of South Africa. 
  • Emigration Travel – up to a maximum of 32 days.  
Choose a product that best suits your leisure travel needs: